GrocerKey has the key for independent grocers

MADISON, Wis. — GrocerKey has developed an e-commerce platform that helps grocers build branded online stores and implement pickup and delivery systems. The Madison startup has received Qualified New Business Venture certification from the WEDC.

GrocerKey could create as many as 163 new jobs over the next three years as it targets independent grocery stores that do not have online ordering. Unlike other companies that provide grocers with online services, GrocerKey empowers grocery stores by building an online e-commerce site that represents their brand, gives them control of customer data and provides back-end technology to ensure the online store is operating efficiently.

GrocerKey is working with the Woodman’s grocery chain to provide an online service expected to be launched this summer. GrocerKey also was in the 2015 Madison gener8or program, which works with startups in its portfolio to create successful, scalable companies.

QNBV status makes investors in startup and early-stage companies eligible for a 25 percent state tax credit on the amount they invest in the business. The program helps early-stage companies secure new investment and accelerates their potential for growth and job creation in Wisconsin. According to Reed Hall, secretary and CEO of WEDC, the state’s lead economic development organization, “QNBV-certified companies are responsible for creating more than 1,000 new jobs in the state–jobs that have an average salary that is 50 percent higher than the state average.”

Source: WEDC press release

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