Bunker Labs @ Wisconsin launches with AT&T Innovation Award

MADISON, Wis. – An AT&T Innovation Award will launch Bunker Labs @ Wisconsin. This award will support Bunker Labs’ efforts to help military veterans start and grow businesses in Wisconsin.

“It’s great to be here at University Research Park today as we announce AT&T’s grant to support Bunker Labs in our state,” said Gov. Scott Walker.  “Our veterans have risked their lives so we can enjoy our freedoms and upon their return, we want to ensure they have all the support and resources they need to find family-supporting jobs or even start their own businesses. AT&T and Bunker Labs are helping us in reaching that goal and will help to accelerate opportunities for Wisconsin’s veterans, their spouses, and families.”

The goal of Bunker Labs is to launch and accelerate veteran-owned businesses, channel the energy among veterans to become entrepreneurs and business owners and create a new forum for high-performing veterans to meet and collaborate.

Bunker Labs is building physical locations across the U.S. that connect hyper-local professional networks of veterans to each other, called the Veterans Leadership Council. A primary, long-term goal of the VLC includes shifting the prevailing media narrative of veterans from being “in need” to being respected for the innovators and business leaders they are. Bunker Labs @ Wisconsin will be based in Madison and will support veteran entrepreneurs statewide through strategic partnerships, local programming and online platforms, which is a first for any Bunker Labs location.

The donation by AT&T will support Bunker Labs’ “Innovator Academy,” a mentor-driven, 14-week course for entrepreneurs to develop the personal talents and skills that will help them gain success.  It is tailored to fit the schedules of all busy professionals who have a desire to pursue entrepreneurship and is designed for use by deployed troops who want to prepare themselves to start a business before they depart active duty service.

Source: Wisconsin Governor’s press release

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