Milwaukee named TechHire community by the White House

MILWAUKEE — The administration of Pres. Barack Obama has designated Milwaukee as one of 15 new TechHire communities. It is a nationwide effort to increase the number of residents employed in the tech industry.

“We know this is an area where jobs are just exploding,” said Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. “Unlike many of the blue collar jobs that were the backbone of this community for literally decades but have been disappearing in recent years, this is an area where there’s a growth in jobs.”

The Milwaukee labor market had over 2,200 openings in information at the beginning of 2016, according to a Burning Glass Technologies analysis.

As a state, Wisconsin ranks 20th in the nation in tech industry employment and added 3,885 jobs in 2015, according to CompTIA’s Cyberstates 2016 report. The state has 97,602 tech industry jobs. The report found that the tech wages are 76 percent higher than the average private sector job in Wisconsin. At an average of $77,600, the state ranked 37th for tech wages in the country.

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Source: BizTimes Media

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