Energy engineering firm Westwood Professional Services works to expand nationwide reach

MINNEAPOLIS — Westwood Professional Services is expanding to Madison, Wisconsin, to increase its reach around the country.

Westwood is a national surveying and engineering services provider for wind and solar energy, commercial and residential development, electric transmission, and oil and gas pipeline projects.

Leading the office is Drew Szabo, an electrical engineer and senior project manager with a focus on Westwood’s utility-scale wind and solar energy engineering. He joined the firm, along with experienced colleagues, in May of 2015. Szabo has more than 20 years of experience managing renewable energy design teams and complex projects across the U.S. and Canada.

“The new, larger office provides a more functional space and enables the team to expand and do their best work,” Szabo said. “With the increase in wind and solar energy development, the demand for Westwood’s services is high. So, our move is timely and more important than ever to make certain we maintain the high level of service our clients expect.”

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Source: BusinessWire

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